Alice Dot




2585 Sq.Ft.

High-End Design Features:

  • Large, Southern Front Porch
  • Birdcage Swing
  • Garage Door Off a Massive Back Deck
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • & More

Alice Dot

4 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

2585 Sq.Ft Area



Available * Floor Plan Reversal

Request Upon Purchase

What is included in my purchase?

  1. You will receive one PDF of the building plans and you can make copies as you need them. Typically you should only have to print off a few copies and most guys can work off of the same print. Typical builders’ standard is 24”x36” – FedEx is a great option for printing larger sized documents like your building plans.
  2. Once you purchase your plan you will receive:

1) A typical building set will include these items:

    1. Foundation Plan
    2. Exterior Elevations
    3. Wall Sections
    4. Details for Customized Items
    5. Lighting Plan
    6. Interior Elevations

2) Depending on the price point of the plan some items may or may not be included:

  1. Roof Plan
  2. 3D Perspectives

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