Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my purchase?

  1. You will receive one PDF of the building plans and you can make copies as you need them. Typically you should only have to print off a few copies and most guys can work off of the same print. Typical builders’ standard is 24”x36” – FedEx is a great option for printing larger sized documents like your building plans.
  2. Once you purchase your plan you will receive:

1) A typical building set will include these items:

    1. Foundation Plan
    2. Exterior Elevations
    3. Wall Sections
    4. Details for Customized Items
    5. Lighting Plan
    6. Interior Elevations

2) Depending on the price point of the plan some items may or may not be included:

  1. Roof Plan
  2. 3D Perspectives

Can my plans be modified?

If you see items in your home that you would like to change, such as (window location or flooring type) or have items you would like to add (extra shelving, light fixtures) you can consult one-on-one with our design team to determine changes and finalize pricing per your budget. Once you have purchased your plans, email to begin modifying your plans.

How do i choose the right plan for my new home?

  1. Find a Plan that You Love

    A great place to begin your search is by looking at your desire square footage or the number of bedrooms you want in your new home. Since we have a growing number of plans, it is usually necessary to further “filter” the search results. You can limit the results to an architectural style or or you can look at plans that have specific features. When you find a plan that you like click the “heart” button so that you can find it later and also compare your favorite plans.

  2. Choose a House Plan That Fits Your Lot

    Choose a plan that fits the characteristics of your property. The size and shape of your lot affects the type of home you can build on the lot. If you have questions about how one of our plans will fit on your property, please email

How many sets of plans do i need to buy to build my house?

You should keep a full set for your records plus enough plan sets for your builder and contractors, lending institution, and building department. A quick trip to your local building department or to their website will tell you how many copies they will need. Contractors and subcontractors will all need copies of the plan to create a bid. It is increasingly popular to buy the electronic “PDF” version of plans because you can take or send the file to your local print shop whenever you need another copy.

Can i view more photos of this house plan?

Every house plan on our online library has been built at least once before. If you are interesting in seeing more photos of your favorite plan, email us at with the name of the house plan and we will send you a gallery of exterior and interior images for that plan.

Here’s a quick link to most of the homes that Aerial has built in Nashville:

How do i determine the size of my house footprint?

Getting a survey of your property and determining what your setbacks are will tell you how big the footprint for your home can be. You can schedule this with any surveying company in your area.

How do i find someone to build my house?

Our design team works exclusively with Aerial Builders to design and build homes across Nashville. If you decide to use our building team to bring your dream home to life we will credit you xx% towards your build cost/upgrades. (**Property must be within one of the following zip codes to qualify: 37201, 37203, 37204, 37205, 37206, 37207, 37208, 37210, 37212, 37213, 37216)

Will the designer communicate with my builder if they have questions?

Yes, the designer is available for clarification on items regarding your plans. If you or your builder has questions, please email

What if I don't own property yet?

You can purchase our plans at any point in time, however there are several important factors to take into consideration before purchasing your plans. Depending on the size of your lot, which county you live in, if it is a corner lot (etc.), you will have to consider the size and location before being able to accurately design your home. There are zoning overlays and setback regulations that you must follow per your location. We do not recommend purchasing a plan until you know the details of where you will build it.

Why should I buy my plans from you?

  1. You can achieve cost savings over custom house plans. It may take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to design a home from scratch. Our house plans save you time and money – and can be modified to some degree to fit your needs.
  2. All of our plans have been previously built and have had the construction problems resolved. This translates into far fewer design headaches and reduced labor costs for you at the time of building your plan.
  3. When working with our designed house plans, the final cost estimates are more accurate because details are already taken into account. We find that most of our buyers dedicated the majority of their budget towards high-quality building materials and home amenities.
  4. Our house plans have the same high-quality design specs as custom plans, because many plans were originally created as custom plans for our home buyers.
  5. Speedy delivery of your plans – when you purchase our PDF Now plans you will receive your files immediately upon payment, and if you request CAD files you can receive them within a few days, instead of a few months.

Do you custom design homes?

We do not custom design homes at this time. We have a large portfolio of designed homes and not all of them are listed on our website at this time – if you cannot find what you are looking for on our website please email However, Aerial Builders can build your home even if you have a plan from another designer. If you are looking for a home builder, please email

Can I return my plans after purchasing if I decide not to build it?

Unfortunately you cannot return plans once you have downloaded them. If you need modifications to the plan you have purchased, please consult with our designer at Design@Aerial.

How many times can I build my purchased plan?

When you purchase your building plans you are allowed to build the home once. If you would like to purchase multiple copies of the same plan or several plans at once, please consult with our designer for potential bulk discounts.

Do my plans need to be stamped by a licensed architect?

We are not selling architect-stamped building plans, however there are many states that do not require the stamp of an architect on design plans for residential homes. We recommend consulting with a structural engineer to verify the foundation plan and approve all pier layouts.